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  • photo Help fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa The epidemic of the highly contagious hemorrhagic fever, which has struck Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria is still evading medical specialist. At least 1,427 people have died and 2,615 hav...
  • photo Hillsborough inquests, hostile Liverpool fans fear of riot A police office said Liverpool fans were so hostile during the Hillsborough disaster he feared there could be a riot. Former police inspector Stephen Ellis said he now knows “what it must feel lik...
  • photo Nigerian girls deserve continued attention Months later, about 60 of the girls have managed to escape and the rest remain missing. The world has mostly moved on, distracted by such events as wars in Gaza and Ukraine, the shoot down of a Malay...
  • photo Torrential rain and flash flooding cause travel chaos Homes were evacuated and people left stranded in their cars as lightning, hail, heavy rain and flash flooding hit east and south-east England. The freak weather brought roads and railway services ...
  • photo Huge blaze spreads at fuel storage depot in Tripoli A huge blaze engulfing Libya's biggest fuel storage facility in the capital, Tripoli, has spread to a second tank. Libya's National Oil Company (NOC) has described the fire as "out of control". ...

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