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How much do you know about your Heritage? Do you know of the great things that people of Black heritage have accomplished but has not been adequately documented. Black Heritage Today – the ultimate Black History Month guide Celebrates Culture, Enterprise and Achievements and identify history makers of tomorrow.

Recently, the UK Minister of Education tried to take Mary Seacole out of the National Curriculum. Black Heritage Today was one of many organizations and individuals who protested by spreading the word and writing to Mr Gove. That showed many us that we COULD rally as a community to save something regarded as ‘important’.

Black Heritage Today was launched in 2003 and proved popular. However, it was highly dependent on the community as well as organisation/company advertising revenue or sponsorship. Whilst it was endorsed by the Mayor of London and other organisations, Heritage was never funded by anyone. It was produced single-handedly by Barbara Campbell.

Earlier this year the publisher became convinced that the publication was not going to materialize so did not concentrate on sourcing content or sourcing advertising. Having confided some close friends and colleague they persuaded her to not give up. Unfortunately these conversations did not take place until July and the magazine needs to go to print in September 2013. The challenge is having it completed in two months so that we CAN produce the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY issue, and subsequent issues, supported by those who regard their history and heritage as important?


Wouldn’t it be great to celebrate this milestone and feel you were pivotal to its existence? If this year’s October issue comes out it’s due to YOUR help and it will be a very special edition.

If it does not then we are left with this mini survey:

Do you think this kind of magazine is needed?
Do you prefer digital to hard copy?
Would you support this magazine annually?
To response to this short survey please contact us via:

Visit:to download a back issue!


Short term/Immediate: Do you know someone who ‘should’be featured in the publication or maybe your self? Each person that helps in any way would be credited in the publication (if you wish).

Long term:

Become an investor (partner) and OWN a slice of the magazine as a individual or an organizations. Someone reading this has often wanted to produce a magazine like Black Heritage… Instead of setting up as rivals why not work with us? This years issue of Black Heritage Today needs to go to print by 24th September. To find out more email the publisher via:


The publisher of Black Heritage Today launched the heritage and culture magazine in 2003. She now has a serious decision to make: To continue or to cease. She is appealing to those who love the magazine. She wants to hear from you!

Black Heritage Today ‘The ultimate Black History Month guide’, was founded by the award-winning journalist, single mother and independent publisher Barbara Campbell, who, after studying black history, concluded that there were a lot people of African descent that did not know about their heritage. She feared that the next generation(s) would not know either and decided to share her findings. When the bank refused to lend her start-up money, Barbara cashed in her Life Insurance policy and launched the magazine.

Reflecting on her journey Barbara revealed: “People wrongly concluded that I was funded because the magazine is of good quality in terms of presentation and the content is really interesting and unique. I wasn’t. This was a labour of love.”

There was a price to pay but despite all she has gone through – including receiving racist threats from the week the magazine’s launch – she persevered and continued to produce this magazine for the African & Caribbean community and others who were interested.

At one point Barbara needed police protection. She refused to be forced out of her home and therefore had a ‘rapid response’ notice attached to her telephone number. This went on for three years. When the culprit was released she became stalked by him. Barbara is wondering if this publication is really wanted.

She needs your input to help her decide whether or not to continue. Is there a market for this kind of magazine? Would you support it? Please click here

Barbara says: “I emailed this appeal out to a few trusted friends asking their opinion as to whether or not I should go public. One said it sounded like I was begging; another said it made me appear weak; however SEVERAL said ‘Go for it’ and ‘You never know how people will respond’ but the one that I stand on from the beginning of my journey still prevails: ‘Nothing ventured – nothing gained’ I am a woman of faith - I’m not begging - I’m Venturing’.” Much Love… and thank you.”

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