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With so many ways to give, even raising funds for charities has become a harder challenge. Using Help My Cause helps you maximise your fundraising activities, increase awareness of your charity and raise more money.

Raising Funds Just Got Versatile!

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With so many ways to give to charity these days, you would think it would be easy to raise funds for a cause close to your heart. In reality, it can be more difficult than you think. Direct donations and online platforms such as ‘Justgiving’ and ‘Virgin’ are perfect if you want to raise money for a registered charity to use in any way they choose, but these services do not enable you to raise money for a campaign or cause that does not have an official status as a charity, nor do they enable you to raise money for a specific project or to raise funds through an event or sponsored activity to be split between a number of charities or causes.

Help My Cause enables you to receive funds directly into a bank account or PayPal account that you have full control of and can then spend or donate the money raised exactly in the way you wish to.

All supporters of your charity can also register and raise money for your charity. This gives collective responsibility in individuals and groups working together to connect with people, raise money and get support for their cause.

Remember You Are Not Alone

Not only can you easily build a community of people to raise funds for your campaign, but you also get access to additional support services to assist you achieve better results. These support services include web development, financial management, marketing, bid writing and much more.

Organisations need to be more Business-Like

Steve Phaure
Steve Phaure
CVA Chief Executive

With the economy still struggling to redress the balance, funding opportunities become more competitive, with more people applying for the same funds. This means that charities can no longer rely on grants as the only source of funding, but now must look to new ways to sustain their projects and their aims.

Incredibly Competitive Times
How can you stand out from the crowd and be heard when there are so many other voices in the conversation? JOIN THE COMMUNITY!

Support where you need it MOST

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