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Your community needs you... Get INVOLVED!

The definition “com·mu·ni·ty noun, \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ a unified body of individuals”

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One of the best ways to make a difference is by helping others to benefit from a project in your local community. You can do something to help your community which could be a skill, experience, a talent, and finances even your time.

Community relationships can lead to long lasting economic relief and benefits for all. So what could you potentially do?

  • Identify community needs
  • Partner with other projects or initiatives
  • Enrich the livelihood of others in your neighbourhood

What are community benefits?

This can range in number but some examples include improvements to the environment, sponsorship of sporting facilities, programs for training or mentoring support for specific groups in need. Your community needs you, get involved by assisting with ideas, initiatives, projects or a cause.

Remember You Are Not Alone

Not only can you easily build a community of people to raise funds for your campaign, but you also get access to additional support services to assist you achieve better results. Includes web development, financial management, marketing, bid writing and much more.

It’s time to better understand the needs of the community.

Steve Phaure
Steve Phaure
CVA Chief Executive

Who better understands the needs of the community than the members of the community itself? Local issues can be addressed effectively through Help My Cause, because of its social interaction and viral nature. We bring technology to the forefront and boost awareness of matters that concern us whilst providing a means of fundraising for a variety of social issues.

Incredibly Competitive Times
So whatever your cause might be, we believe it can become a sure reality with the right support, guidance and funds.

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Gift Aid

Allows charities to reclaim the 25% basic tax rate on every donation made by an individual UK tax payer. HelpMyCause allows even the smallest charity or community group to claim Gift Aid.