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Our Technical Support Team are on standby 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to provide help when you need it. You may contact Support by telephone or email, or go online and access a variety of tutorial videos directly from the website.

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How To Create A HelpMyCause Account

Create your HelpMyCause account by using the Sign-Up form on the home page of this website. Watch the accompanying tutorial video below to get started.

The form contains a number of empty fields requiring your personal details:

1. In the first empty field, labelled "First Name", type in your first name.
2. In the second empty field, labelled "Last Name", type in your last name.
3. In the third empty field, labelled "Your Email", type in your email address.
4. In the fourth field, labelled "Password", create and type in a password that you will remember.
5. In the fifth field, labelled "Re-enter password", do re-enter the password that you created in the above "Password" field (and make a note of your password).
6. In the field labelled "I am", use the arrowed selection box to select the gender that applies to you.
7. In the field labelled "Birthday", use the first arrowed selection box to select your birth date from the options listed.
In the second box, select the month in which you were born, and in the third box, select your year of birth.
8. Click the green button labelled "Sign up".
9. You've now completed your Sign up! Check your email for a confirmation message.
10. To login to the site at any time, perform the following steps::

  • At the top of the public Home page, in the field labelled “Email”, type in the email address you registered with
  • In the second field, labelled “Password”, type in the password you created when you registered
  • If you want this site to remember your login details the next time you visit, check the box labelled “Remember me”
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot password?” link and you will be taken to a page that puts you on the road to reset your password.
  • If all is OK, click the Sign in button to get logged in.