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Young People

YOUTHFUL Approach to Raising Funds!

Help My Cause is a leading national platform in assisting young people to raise funds towards a worthy idea, project or cause.

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Do you have an idea that could revolutionise the world? Would you like to fund a new project in your local community? Perhaps modernising an existing idea? It could be as simple as raising money for your school.

Remember You Are Not Alone

Young people have so much to contribute to society and they are keen to do so. We are dedicated to assisting them achieve positive impact in pursuit of their goals. They are the future leaders of our society and we believe strongly that supporting them today will bear fruits later.

Not only can you easily build a community of people to raise funds for your campaign, but you also get access to additional support services to assist you achieve better results. Includes web development, financial management, marketing, bid writing and much more.

Opportunities to make a Difference

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Join in the Bigger Cause

This is a great opportunity for young people that really want to make a difference to their own lives or the quality of life for their community.

Take full advantage...

...Of expertise and advice from professionals to help you make your project as successful as it can be. Call Now to discuss support with one of our team on 0844 682 6641

Gift Aid

Allows charities to reclaim the 25% basic tax rate on every donation made by an individual UK tax payer. HelpMyCause allows even the smallest charity or community group to claim Gift Aid.